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Phantom II 98dB Iconic White

Phantom II 98dB Iconic White

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When extraordinary power and compactness meet a grandiose sound experience. Phantom II 98 dB is a feat of engineering, delivering a decidedly physical sound full of movement and emotion.
Concentrated power in a compact format, Phantom II 98 dB is a real technological feat. The only ultra-compact wireless speaker of its kind, it reproduces sound with incredible fidelity and offers disproportionate power, whatever the listening volume. Its touch controls guarantee total control, in a single gesture.

Equipped with the best size/performance ratio in the world, Phantom II 98 dB is a true technological feat. Unreasonable power at the service of perfectly controlled acoustic performance, whatever the listening volume. Experience Phantom density taken to the extreme.
0 distortion – 0 saturation – 0 background noise
The Phantom loudspeakers combine 4 major Devialet innovations:
ADH® - Purity and power finally reconciled.
HBI® - Feel the physical impact of sound.
SAM® - Perfect Rhythm, Emotional Power
ACE® - Homogeneous sound, whatever the listening angle.
Available in 2 finishes: Gold / Dark Chrome


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