An eclectic range of products divided into collections by consumer style, in the bathroom and kitchen furniture sectors, combining quality research and a sense of design to develop the company's identity and competitiveness.


Zanetti Chini Rubinetterie

Zanetti Chini Rubinetterie offers a wide range of classic, modern and contemporary collections, all produced in compliance with environmental and safety standards and certified 100% Made in Italy. Each item is made with ingenuity and creative talent, using the best technological systems to combine tradition and innovation.



Nicolazzi is a leading Italian manufacturer of bathroom taps, kitchen taps and accessories. Each product is made in the traditional way in their own factory. Nicolazzi taps are made from an infinite number of parts. Each part is conceived, designed, built and assembled by hand, and is designed to be combined with various other parts. The company carries out the entire production cycle for the treatment of wooden floors in its own factory. The quality of the carefully selected woods and the wide choice of raw materials enable them to offer a top-quality product. In keeping with the spirit of craftsmanship, they have maintained a flexible production line that allows the unique character of the raw material to be enhanced with manual processes.

Monaco Supply Company

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